Vivian’s social artistry brings people together for meaningful connections over garden harvests or homemade potluck. Her passion for seeking the deeper truth in life turns her towards the art of living – exploring practices such as food as medicine, music and movement, poetry and fine art, co-living, compassionate communication, and the healing of self, community and the planet. As a social artist, she uses food, shelter and community-building as media; the garden and gathering spaces serve as her studio where the convergence of diverse energies and natural elements of the cosmos find creation. 

Her time with the Transition Town community in Los Angeles inspired her to co-create spaces for regeneration and resilience. An inner gardener and shapeshifter, she founded Garden of L.E.A.H.,a conscious-living practice space in Chiang Mai, Thailand; here, she holds space for mindful practices through gardening, cooking, natural building, yoga and meditation. In Singapore, she co-founded Conscious Connections with fellow artist Ng Hui Hsien, working at the intersection of art, well-being and spirituality. She is active with Foodscape Collective where she shares the vision of an agrihood, and is part of the editorial team of Foodscape Pages.

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Conscious Connections was born out of a search for stillness. We rest in the belief that in a hectic world, silence holds the key to healing and wellbeing. Residing at the intersection of art, well-being and spirituality, we carve out physical and mental spaces for pause through nature-inspired gatherings and interactive workshops. Conscious Connections are currently artists-in-residence at “Women in film and photography 2020” at Objectifs Center for Photography and Film.