Vicky Truong plants seeds that’ll break the foundation our society was built upon. She wants people to flourish in their own ways as they connect to a movement that works towards a more sublime future. She is a committed activist and community builder working closely with the Asian diaspora in Germany and LGBTQIA+ community; organising festivals, events, workshops and discussions. Food is present in her works as an alternative educator, designer and cook. Being Australian born with Chinese-Teochew, Thai and Vietnamese heritage, she is able to connect to many communities through lived experiences and the rituals surrounding food. She believes that the richness of mixing cultures should be celebrated and a way to bring new structures into society. She strives for healing and empowerment through PIE – PATIENCE, INCLUSION AND EMPATHY. She hopes to build bridges for diverse communities to overcome the system that restricts us from coming together and rising.  

She began the #mygration festival movement which empowers through the shared feeling of other and to replace it with a sense of belonging; connecting generations, genders, beliefs, ethnicities, sexual orientations and communities. Celebrating our heritage and owning our unique narratives. She also works closely with DAMN – Deutsche Asiant*innen Make Noise, a collective her dear friend Thao Ho founded.

Image by Marzena Skubatz