Russ Ligtas presents installation, performance, and choreography that reflect the complexes and realities he confronts in life. In his performances, he plays alter egos that reveal various notions of self as presence, persona, and myth. His most recent actions and collaborations include “Planet Blue”—an autobiographic installation for the 2020 Yokohama Triennale that chronicles his immersion into the world’s largest gay social media app Blued as a livestream host, “Is(o)land Bar—a collective virtual interactive performance that combines storytelling with mixology wherein he concocts a hybrid version of himself against the post-truth zeitgeist—and Eisa Jocson’s “Manila Zoo”, a performance investigation into Filipino affective labor and the performance of happiness under the Disney empire. He is currently exploring the internet phenomenon ‘alterverse”, a community of anonymous queer Filipinos circulating user-generated porn and other provocations on Twitter.

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