Towards All & Nothing (in reflection)

A live performance on Google Docs by Bettina Fung | 馮允珊

29 October 2020, 7pm (London time)

Reserve your place here. Documentation of this performance could be found in the exhibition Bettina Fung | 馮允珊 : Iterations of ‘Towards All & Nothing’.

About the work:

‘Towards All & Nothing (in reflection)’ is a piece of live art on Google Docs that recollects and reimagines Fung’s ‘Towards All & Nothing’, a performance drawing created in 2019 as an artistic response to the exhibition, Speech Acts: Reflection-Imagination-Repetition, co-curated by Hammad Nasar and Kate Jesson. This performance drawing was fundamentally a work about remembering and came out of Fung’s research on the life and work of  Li Yuan-Chia.

With Covid-19 and lockdowns suspending live performances, Fung became curious about other ways of presenting and creating live art online, particularly thinking about the ability to experience liveness and feeling presence online. She decided to experiment with Google Docs, an online word processor that enables multiple users interacting simultaneously on the same document, and using its infinitely expanding white rectangular pages as a site for performance.

In this new work, Fung will explore the sense of liveness and connectedness in cyberspace and attempts to connect with audience across different points in geographical space and time (zones) via typing and mark making in real time on Google Docs. Audience will encounter recollections and fragments from her research and documentation of ‘Towards All & Nothing’ and will be encouraged to contribute and interact with the materials in this new performance space. As the original performance drawing, this work will continue to contemplate on the idea of legacy and disappearance but from an online perspective, looking at what gets altered or updated, deleted or replicated whilst records of these actions are simultaneously logged and archived in the Version History of the document. 

As a part of the “Till we meet again IRL. Best wishes, Asia-Art-Activism” programme, there is also an online exhibition dedicated to give more information and present the documentation from different versions of ‘Towards All & Nothing’. Access the exhibition here.

Click through to read more about Bettina Fung | 馮允珊.

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