Time warp by Arianna Mercado

Pathway: Dear Yu Chu — In Virtual Return We (can’t) Dehaunt — The In/Extinguishable Fire — Sleeping In Between Tehching Hsieh and On Kawara

This year has progressed both so slowly and so quickly, with days, weeks, and months spent indoors somehow blending into one. This screening pathway investigates time, its glitches, fluidity, and inevitability. In this pathway, the artists and their films interrogate the discrepancies between memory, reconciling between known and unknown histories with the contemporary moment. 

Time warp speaks to the confusion within lived experiences, remembrance, and knowledge. Through archival practices, interviews, VR, and performance, these artists work around minute personal experiences that have morphed over time, embracing the distortions and haze that comes with its passing.

Photo: Still from Dear Yu Chu, Pei Chi Wu

This screening pathway can be accessed via our VR world.

Dear Yu Chu 玉珠
Pei Chi Wu

Pei Chi Wu’s work Dear Yu Chu is an examination into the history of strangers from 1950s Taiwan through a series of found letters, revisiting places only to find out about its present-day history as a karaoke bar.

Click through to read Pei’s accompanying zine
The In/Extinguishable Fire
Thuy-Han Nguyen-Chi

Thuy-Han Nguyen-Chi’s The In/Extinguishable Fire charts a conversation shared between the artist and her father contemplating on their shared history as Vietnamese with a relationship to Germany told through several accounts on the Cold War. 
In Virtual Return We (can’t) Dehaunt
《於虛擬的彼岸 迴魂(不)散》
Yarli Allison

In Virtual Return We (can’t) Dehaunt, Yarli Allison constructs a VR landscape from interviews, creating versions of childhood homes that can no longer be verified. 
Sleeping in between Tehching Hsieh and On Kawara, but at home
River Lin

River Lin’s video Sleeping In Between Tehching Hsieh and On Kawara perhaps speaks more to our current times, playing around with the concept of working from home and blurring the boundaries between labor and idleness.

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