Screening Pathway: Performing dis/located bodies in liminal imaginaries

Performing dis/located bodies in liminal imaginaries, curated by Annie Jael Kwan

Pathway: Whoo am I 我是水 > On the edge of uncertainty, may I fly? >> Spell >>> Journey to the CharBagh

In the wake of the pandemic, our fluttering bodies have been constantly required to adjust and adapt in waves of displacement and loss, while experiencing ongoing processes of grief and change. How might we again embrace ourselves and each other, in this strange liminal space?

The body expresses anguish and tests altered parameters, exploring conditions of awkwardness and unexpected joy.

The body breathes the liveness of the singular moment, while paying tribute to the crossing of thresholds.

Sensuously, slowly, deeply.

The body ventriloquises our fevered dreams and metabolises our longing for new stories and old truths – in choreographing the new imaginaries for a future we co-create and inhabit.

This screening pathway can be accessed via our VR space.

The body is centred in Whoo am I 我是水 by Songkun Wan, as the site of queer exploration and tenderness.
For Mia Cabalfin’s On the edge of uncertainty, may I fly?, the body traverses and tests the physical and psychological limits of site.
Lip-syncing reveals alternative bodily performatives of identity and truth, in Sam Reynolds’ Spell

Abdullah Qureshi’s Journey to the CharBagh extends gestures as movements into queer transcendence.

Featured image: Still from Abdullah Qureshi, Journey to the CharBagh (2019)

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