Not This Future (2020)
Youngsook Choi

28 November 2020, 2:00pm-5:00pm (London time)


Video of Not This Future:

Not This Future is part of Youngsook Choi’s ongoing exploration of the idea of political spirituality, which experiments with intimate aesthetics of community actions and alternative protests. This performance facilitates a pseudo shamanic ritual as a political device by holding ‘grief’ as a site of solidarity and communal care directed to the victims of hostile environments policy, brutal border control and neo-colonial global operation. Not This Future particularly commemorates and critically revisits the Essex 39 incident in which the thirty-nine Vietnamese were found dead in the back of a lorry abandoned by the illegal people smuggler in 2019. As a core part of the commemoration, this spiritual occasion accommodates 39 generous offerings from different parts of the world, gathered through the exclusive call-out to those whose creative practice and research weigh in on migrant justice and challenge the idea of the border.   

Offerings contributed from:

Adriel Luis, curator and activist @drzzl
Amal Khalaf, curator and artist @amalandaplan
Amit Rai, educator and activist @0wn0red
Annie Jael Kwan, curator @alikati
Anouar Kassim, community organiser @wearemkiac
Ayelet Zohar, artist and art historian @ayelet.zohar
Bao Vuong, artist @baobaoartworks 
Burong Zang, artist and researcher @burongz
Caro Gervay, artist @carogervay
Cecilia Wee, curator and cultural agitator @cecilialmwee
Cian Dayrit, artist and activist @sayawciansayaw
Cuóng Pham, curator and activist @phambinho 
David Sebastian Lopez Restrepo, artist @davidpolezrestrepo
Erene Kaptani, theatre practitioner and researcher @erenekaptani
Farzana Khan, artist and community healer @healingjusticeldn
Georgina Quach, journalist and archivist
Hai Nguyen, researcher 
Hina Khan, artist
Hsiao Hung Pai, writer and journalist 
Ibrahim Abdella, refugee
Ido Zohar, musician 
Jabez Lam, community organiser and activist @hakcneychinese 
Joon Lynn Goh, cultural organiser and producer @joonlynngoh
June Lam, artist and activist @assignedfagatbirth
Kay Stephens, writer and activist @remember.resist 
Mariko Hayashi, community organiser and researcher @mariko_884
Mihye Lee, artist and chef @mihyeberlin
Nia Fekri, artist and writer @nia.fekri
Nine Yamamoto-Masson, artist and researcher
Rajinder Singh, artist and researcher @woundbloom
Richard Streitmatter-Tran, artist and researcher @rstreitmatter
Sajan Mani, artist @sajan_mani
Sarnt Utamachote, film maker @unthaitled
Shzr Ee Tan, ethnomusicologist and musician 
Subhas Nair, musician and activist @subhasmusic
Sungmee Bae, artist @mi3411 
Taey Iohe, artist @taeyiohe
Tamsin Barber, sociologist 
Tomasz Madajczak, artist
Vanessa Scully, artist @vanessascullythamesmead
Vijay Patel, artist @portomeerkat
Vukasin Nedeljkovic, artist and activist
Weng San Sit, artist @siwesa
Yoonah Han, film producer @sense_of_picturebook

Click through to read more about the artist: Youngsook Choi

* Not This Future has been commissioned by Asia-Art-Activism with generous support from Bagri Foundation @bagrifoundation, Arts Council England @aceagrams and Heart of Glass @ourheartofgalss.

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