Exhibition: In Virtual Return You (can’t) Dehaunt 於虛擬的彼岸 迴魂(不)散 by Yarli Allison

Full video will be made available online via TWMAIRL’s screening programme from 29 October – 29 November 2020 and on artist’s website. A 360 video preview of the virtual reality ‘homes’ is available below.

1 minute teaser of In Virtual Return We (can’t) Dehaunt. A three-channel docufiction with virtual reality experience. Three 4k Videos with Audio. Full length: 24:18. Created in London, Paris, and Hong Kong, 2019-2021

In Virtual Return We (can’t) Dehaunt is a multi-channel moving-image work by Yarli Allison. It traces the real life stories of four queer Hong Kong (trans)migrants by reconstructing their nostalgic homes in virtual reality (VR), that draws attention to diasporic narratives and cultural archives through the process of cognitively metaphorical ‘returns’.

Along with AAA’s online screening programme, the set of three videos will be physically presented by Videotage Gallery Hong Kong, consist of ethnographic research, VR modelling, soliloquy and poetic extracts from real dialogues. These are intertwined with docu-fiction writing and choreographic representations, while exploring the possibilities of sexual and political identities that have transcended geographical definitions in the digital age.


* On desktop: Fullscreen. click and drag the cursor around the screen to move your viewpoint around.
* On smartphone: Compatible with Vimeo App. View with any virtual reality goggles (e.g. Google cardboard) for best experience.

> YouTube 360 available here

> Click to Download Exhibition leaflet

> Click to read more about: / this work / the artist Yarli Allison / the collaborator Yin Lo

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