Roundtable – đoàn thân (bodies in cyberspace)

đoàn thân (bodies in cyberspace) hosted by Cường Phạm

“Now, more than ever is the time to relearn the habits of assembly” – Manolo Callahan

Communities rarely exist exclusively in cyberspace. It is important to investigate the ways in which social groups in cyberspace spill out into the `real’ world and vice versa” – Peter Kollock and Marc A Smith, 1999

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With new and afforable technology that allows for interacting and organising in the hands of millions of people worldwide, what social spaces and groups have been created? What changes does the Internet being about our basic concepts of identity, self-governance and community?

What is Cyberspace’s relationship to community? Is the idea of community being challenged and rewritten because of online interaction. Or does tech allow us to communicate in ways previous generations have not been able to do.

Since Covid-19 became a pandemic interactions between friends, families, colleagues, and the general public have been greatly been reduced, strides in technology allows us to interact in ways that were deem unimaginable many years ago. Has Covid-19 interrupted the interactions between online social groups and the ‘real world’, is this temporary, is this permanent, somewhere in between…

Join Arya Rinaldo, Khai, Hany, & Marque Pham for this roundtable as we seek to understand how communities (re)form, organise, socialise, perform, work online.

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