AAA Radio: Strange Day’s Journey / Joyful Noise

AAA Radio: Strange Day’s Journey / Joyful Noise
Joel Tan

7 November 2020, 1:00pm (London time)

These two audio pieces explore the possibilities of digital intimacy through listening. Not quite audio drama, not quite podcasts, these are listening experiences that look at the bonds we can form across the figurative airwaves. Let a voice exhort you to move, to touch, to feel, and in this way, transform the space around you. Strange Day’s Journey is a piece that behaves like a play but isn’t one: it’s a deep dive into a headspace of confusion, grief, and loneliness that tries to reproduce the communal, shared intimacies of live theatre in a solo listening experience. Joyful Noise enters a much different headspace, drawing on the body’s pent up desire for dance, music, and communality, and experiments with ways of unlocking it all. These two companion pieces explore, in turn, the release of deep sadness and deep joy, through prompts, narrative, and confession, poured in through the ear.

Strange Day’s Journey

Or listen via Soundcloud

Joyful Noise

Or listen via Soundcloud

Or listen in our VR world

Click through to read more about the artist: Joel Tan

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