Caro Gervay is a London-based artist working across analogue photography, sound, performance, video and participation. Through collective experimentations of writing, drawing and painting with light, her practice inquires into the underlying violence and the roles played by the photographic medium in relation to belonging and transmission. This process is informed by the histories of colonialism, personal stories and present socio-political contexts and concerns. 

Going back and forth between family archives, conversations and the red lights of the lab, the photographer asks questions of the many “we” – we (could) belong to and how photographs have defined us. Going through layers of masks, shadows, erasure and silence, her work points at the ruptures in transmission affecting diaspora communities, in her case as a woman of Vietnamese heritage. 

In the past ten years she has worked in the UK, France and Vietnam exploring photography as a performative process that produces new spaces of reflection and potential for belonging and critical action. ‘Writing with light” allows a relationship to the world and a performance where time slows down and people come together, bringing the process of revealing images into play with memory-or loss of it. She is a director of the community darkroom the Gate Darkroom in Woolwich and an associate of Asia Art Activism. Long term collaborations include: Fotosynthesis, Phakama, Clayground Collective, Compagnie Amonine (theatre). 

Recent exhibitions include: 
Thingness, Gate Darkroom collective show, Deptford X festival, Deptford Lounge, London (2019)
Claylands, duo exhibition with artist Martin Brockman, BlackShed Gallery, Robertsbridge (2019)
Double Take, group exhibition at the Gate Darkroom, as part of the Open Studio weekend at Thames Side Studios, Woolwich, UK (2019)
Resettled Spaces, Examining the Home. Group show. Lien Viet Housing Association, Finsbury Park, London (2019)
Appearing Act -Viết đi, Viết lại- (Write, Rewrite), solo show, Thames-Side-Studios Unit 0 Lounge, Woolwich, London, UK (2018)
Light Touch, group exhibition at the Gate Darkroom, as part of the Open Studio weekend at Thames Side Studios, Woolwich, UK (2018)
No Maps for What We Know, Gate Darkroom photography group show at Urban Photo Fest, Goldsmiths University, London, UK (2017)

Photo Credit: Phạm Tuấn Ngọc