There have been some things that have on my mind lately:

Will we ever be able to share food in a warm and darkly lit room on a cold and raining evening?

When’s the next time our analogue laughter, analogue voices, are heard in the same room

Will we ever share a post-exhibition/presentation/panel drink in the future?

When are we able to hug and touch again?

What does it mean to be a London-centred collective in a post-Zoom world?

What happens when Raven Row, our home circa 2018, no longer is our home?

How long will I have to keep saying goodbye to my friends, colleagues, and family because of visa issues?

What other means of community do we need to create, how do we sustain this, and how do we grow?

When will our community step back from whiteness and white supremacy? When will we see anti-Blackness stop?

When can I, when can we diaspora fly back to Asia…to see my friends…my family….the people I miss? Will I have to pay more, wait longer for flights, quarantine each time we come and go…

Will we ever be able to cough in a public space without fear?

Will generational trauma ever be healed? Will we pass it onto our children?

When do we stop fighting to be represented, seen, and valued?

How long can we go on…are we getting tired of London?

~ Cuong

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